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- ADVERTISEMENT - is an Xfinity/Comcast router’s login IP address. If you own a Comcast router, is the IP address you need to log in to your admin control panel.

Infinity is an internet gateway provider with a unique IP address to change Comcast login information and replace it with a different one with a difficult to crack the password.

The IP address is a false IP address. You cannot use it as your Comcast login. It won’t be acceptable to unlock the gateway. You must use the real IP address.

It’s just like IP address. Using other IP addresses like,, 192.168.ll, and others won’t unlock the gateway until you use the real IP address which is

There, for Comcast login, it’s important to use the router’s IP Others like 10.0.1,, won’t work and you will end up with an error message which troubleshooting won’t solve. IP Address


Use IP Address

You need this IP address to change your Xfinity/Comcast router’s username and password. All you need to take total control of your router’s configuration is your working password and username to log in to the admin control panel using IP address.

Login Comcast Router with

This IP is not a binary number. Take note. It’s a unique gateway IP address.

Open a browser on your computer and type the IP address as into the address bar and click on the proceed button or enter button on your keyboard.

Once the login interface opens, key in your gateway username and password to proceed. However, if it fails you need to check your username and password correct or see whether you are using the right IP address for your router.

Now, in the admin panel, go to settings or preferences depending on your admin configuration to customize it your taste.

Among what to consider editing include your router’s name, username, password, and other sensitive information that are set to default.


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