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The IP address did not exist. So, if you find out that your router’s IP address is 192.1680.1.1 you should contact your router’s company. Your router IP address should be and not even the 192.168 ll which is without the “.” separating the IP digits.

When you get a new router you are expected to have an IP address that you can use to log in to your router’s admin panel to be able to change the default settings.

The IP address is a unique IP address to access your wireless routers. Although it is sometimes different from the router’s manufacturer. However, each manufacturer has a unique router IP address which could be.

IP Address

Whenever you feel like you need to edit any of your router’s settings you just need to enter the IP address which is the correct IP address and enter your login information and not the IP

You need to be very conscious of the two IPs. They both started with 192 followed by 168 and then the “0” but the correct IP has single “1” while the wrong IP has double “1” as “1.1” after the last zero.


Therefore, trying the second IP address will return an error message and you will not be able to log in to your admin panel.

How to Use IP Address

Now that you know the correct IP address from the wrong IP address, let’s now address how to use the IP to the benefit of your router.

Open a browser on your computer and enter the correct IP address and click on the enter button. Entering the wrong IP will return an error and you will not be able to log in to your admin panel.

In case you do not find the default settings OK by you, you can edit the following in your profile.

  •  MAC
  • DSL
  • WPS
  • Qos
  •  WAN
  • LAN
  • WLAN settings
  • Proxy

And a lot more. Within the admin panel, you can edit all the default settings to your own.

Reset  IP Password and Username

With either the IP 192.168 01 or the correct IP login one of the basic reason to log in to your admin panel is to change your password from the default password and replace it with a more difficult one.

However, to change your password and username you need to log in to your router’s account and go to settings or preference to edit your username and password and click on save changes.

When you are dealing with different routers you should take note of their respective login IP address.

Otherwise, the wrong error message will keep returning error messages and your logins will not valid.


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