How to Change 192 168 1 1 Login password and username

192 168 1 1

Not all routers have the same username and password for login. Some routers IP address for login is 192 168 1 1 while some are depending on your router’s manufacturer.

However, there is a little or no different when you want to change https://192 168 1 1 login username and password on TpLink or Netgear.

What is most important when you want to change router username and password is being able to find your router’s preference settings.

When you buy a router new, you have a default username and password which you can change to your own. But, if you are buying your router as a fairly used router, do not forget to ask for the password and username from the previous user or better still reset the router back to default.

192 168 1 1

Otherwise, to change the IP 192 168 11 login will not be that easy since the password and username have been changed from the default.

So, in this case, you must have either the old username and password or the default username and password from the router’s manufacturer.

When you want to change your router username and password, you first the need the old login information. Once you have found out your router’s IP address from the package label or on your router’s receipt, take note of the IP address.

You Login IP address can differ from your friends IP address if you are on a shared IP address or private IP address.


You can’t have the same IP address for both shared and private server. If your private IP address is, a public IP address 192 168.11. So, they are not always the same.

However, when it comes to how to change 192.168.11 login username and password, you must first be able to log into your router’s admin account first.

When you are logged into your admin panel, go to settings or preference depending on your router’s configuration, and click on the username or password option.

Enter your old username and type the new username you want to use and click change. You will be asked to confirm your entry by re-typing your password and then click on confirm.

You don’t need an email or phone number or call your router’s customer service most time when you want to change your router’s password or router’s username.

When you are on your router’s admin panel you need to click on the preference and click on change password. Type the old password and then create a new password to change it.

However, depending on your router’s configuration, you may be asked to confirm your email address that you really want to change your router password or confirm your phone number.

Just do, and you will be able to change your router’s login information.

However, when next you want to log in to your admin panel, you need to type the router’s IP address, say, 192 168 1 1.

Type the new username and password and click on the login button or enter on your PC and you will be able to login to your account.

However, you must take note of the login password and username in case of another time. You can even use a browser password manager to save your router password and username so that you don’t have to manually type it whenever you want to access your router’s admin panel.


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