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- ADVERTISEMENT - is a unique private IP address. The IP is not a public IP address it’s only fit into a specific range and solely reserved from  IANA for a specific range.

Therefore, whenever you see the IP and you are trying to connect to it, know that it’s a private IP address.

When you go to router’s seller and buy a new router, it’s a specific IP address, username, and password. If the IP address could be like or, then, it means that the router has a public IP address.

But if you required for a router with a reserved IP address, your router’s IP will likely be

Find Router IP Address

When you buy a new modem, there are various ways to know your IP address. This is what you will use as a gateway to your admin panel to change your password and username from the default.


If the IP address to your router is, the first place to find it is in your router’s manual. It should be boldly written on it.

Secondly, at the back of your router or underneath. The IP address should be boldly written on it.

And lastly, the third place you would possibly find your router IP address is on your receipt. If your router’s factory dims it fit to keep some information from their product it should include the IP address. Admin Login Password

With your unique username and password, you can log in to your router’s control panel to change the default to settings to a personalized one such as changing username and password, renaming your router, etc.

Meanwhile, you need to know that the IP address is a private IP address that can only be used for IPV4 and cannot be used for IPV4.

This IP address is available to be used as a company’s or factory IP address that links to other IP addresses. On this IP address, you can create other IP networks to be used on routers or modem or even as a source to lots of wireless connections.

Router factories like Linksys switches, 2Wire routers, TP-Link routers Alcatel ADSL Modems, Thompson ADSL routers, Westell ADSL Modems, 3Com routers, ADSL billions of routers, SRW2023 and many more routers make use of this IP address.


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