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- ADVERTISEMENT - is a common IP address for home broadband such as SMC and Belkin models. So, do not be surprised that your home modem with IP address is preset by the manufacturer which you may choose to change or let it be.

Of all the router’s IP address that is used at home, the one users cannot edit the information like IP address is the most difficult ones.

You only have to follow the manufacturers preset rule. And in most cases, it doesn’t have a password and username. Once connected to a device the internet the gateway will open automatically and you will be connected.

Login IP Address

To edit the preset manufacturer user’s information you need to access the broad console following the steps below.

Open your browser and type “ into the address bar and click on the enter button on your computer keyboard or the proceed button on the browser.

Enter your password and username to log in to the admin control panel. If you haven’t changed your password the default password and username should be used to log in.

Now, wait until you are taken to the control interface. Now, go to settings or preferences and begin to edit the default settings to your desired settings.

Do not forget to always change your old or default password to a new password for adequate security.


The demerit of IP Address

This is where the limitation of this IP address comes into play. You are restricted from using some of the broadband features.

You are not allowed to link to another router outside your home network and that is limiting the modem. The reason is that the Ip address is a private IP address like IP address.

And it can only be used with IPV4. You cannot use it with IPV6 device. One is for public use while the other is for private use.

This now means that to run to routers on your home network, you need a different IP address for each router.

Change IP Address

You are allowed to change the local IP address under the console settings and that redeems the demerit listed above.

To change your IP address, head to the console settings and find your way to Network > LAN section. Once you are in the LAN section, you can edit your IP gateway to or

Access your Home IP Address

There is no special requirement to access your IP address. You only need your IP address and probably your username and password to log in to your admin panel.

To achieve this, type “ into the address bar and click on the enter button.

Once you are logged into your admin control interface you can edit so many things and also reset your router to factory settings if you have messed up with the device settings.


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