Caregiver Job in USA With Visa Sponsorship: Opportunities Worth Up to $105,000 Annually

The need for trained caregivers is quite high in the USA due to the country’s rapidly aging population and overwhelmed healthcare system. Caregiver positions with sponsored visas allow caring professionals worldwide to come to the US and start a fulfilling career.

People searching for caregiving jobs should do their homework on the specific requirements, benefits, and opportunities for professional advancement that each organization or company offers. In addition, consulting company reviews and conversing with present or previous employees can provide valuable insights into the work environment and culture.

This post offers practical advice and resources for finding and obtaining visa sponsorships for life-altering caregiving jobs in the United States.

Important to Note While Applying for Caregiver Job In USA With Visa Sponsorship

  • Seek out reputable healthcare institutions, including agencies, assisted living homes, and nursing homes, as they are more likely to provide perks such as health insurance and visa sponsorship.
  • Use job boards, employer websites, and personal connections to find possible sponsorship and insurance-paid caregiving positions.
  • To make your application stand out, emphasise your qualifications, expertise, and ability to provide care.
  • Try to negotiate health insurance benefits during the job application process. However, proceed cautiously and consult an immigration lawyer for advice.
  • Speak with an immigration lawyer for advice on visas, employer connections, help with applications, and legal support all along the way.
  • Before accepting a job offer, fully investigate and comprehend the employer-sponsored health insurance plan.

Types of Caregiver Positions That Usually Provide Visa Sponsorships 

It is more common for certain caregiver occupations with severe talent shortages to sponsor visas. Among these in-demand positions are:

  • RNs, or registered nurses ($75,000 – $100,000)

Registered nurses are at the forefront of delivering expert nursing care and patient education. Know fields like: Critical Care, Operating Room, Emergency Room, Oncology

There are always more openings in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities than there are registered nurses in pediatrics. Visa sponsorships are widely sought after for individuals with specialized knowledge. RNs make between $75,000 – $100,000.

  • CNAs, or certified nursing assistants ($43,000 – $50,000)

CNAs provide crucial, on-the-spot care and support with everyday tasks. CNAs can work in: 

  • Senior living facilities
  • Poorly served rural areas with severe shortages
  • Institutions serving particular groups, such as veterans
  • Practical and Vocational Nurses with Licences (LVN/LPNs)
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Home health organisations
  • Hospices
  • Centres for rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapists

CNAs make between $43,000 – $50,000.

  • Physical therapists ($80,000 – $107,000)

Physical therapists are in high demand to fill gaps in injury rehabilitation, pain alleviation, and mobility enhancement. They work in:  

  • Medical Facilities
  • Clinics for outpatients
  • Facilities for skilled nursing
  • Educational institutions
  • Home health organizations
  • Occupational Therapists

In 2023, physical therapists received a median pay of $97,720. In that year, the highest paid 25% earned $107,430, while the lowest paid 25% took home $80,700.

  • Occupational Therapists ($77,000- $104,000)

Helping patients recover from illnesses/injuries and improve daily life skills, occupational therapists also face substantial deficiencies across. They work as:

  • Medical Facilities
  • Primary care offices
  • Educational institutions
  • Mental health settings
  • Home Health

The median pay for occupational therapists in 2022 was $93,180. In that year, the highest paid 25% earned $104,730, while the lowest paid 25% took home $77,700.

Best Platforms for Discovering Caregiver Jobs with Visa Sponsorships

Make use of these important resources when looking for US companies that will sponsor foreign carers:

  • The official US government website, USAJOBS, includes sponsorable healthcare positions.
  • To identify relevant openings, activate CareerBuilder’s “visa sponsorship” filter.
  • Numerous sponsorship-eligible healthcare opportunities are listed on the Dice – Tech job portal.
  • Hired is an AI-powered recruitment portal that shows jobs available to applicants on a visa.
  • LinkedIn Jobs: Look for matches by searching for keywords like “TN visa” or “H1B sponsorship.”
  • Job boards for associations: Look for positions with the American Physical Therapy Association, the American Nurses Association, and others.

Important US Immigration Routes for Sponsored Carers

These are typical visa paths if employed for carer positions during a shortage:

  • H-1B Visa for Temporary Employment

For specialized professions such as occupational and physical therapists requires at least a bachelor’s degree. The Department of Labour must receive the employer’s application for labor conditions.

Initial three-year validity, renewable for a maximum of six years. Choice for people of Mexico and Canada. Applicable to positions in nursing, PT/OT, and other allied health fields

Employer sends a letter of employment offer; candidate presents citizenship documentation. Initially issued for three years and renewed indefinitely

  • J-1 Visa for Training and Exchange Travel

intended for educational and cross-cultural purposes. Include a curriculum designed especially for PTs and nurses. Sponsor companies help with applications and placements. Validity up to 7 years, subject to the length of the programme

Advice for Foreign Candidates Seeking Sponsorship for a US Visa

Consider the following advice to improve your prospects:

  • Obtain the Necessary Education Certifications

Finish recognised programmes in therapy, nursing, etc., by the standards for American licensure in your field.

  • Obtain US Professional License and Certifications

Obtaining licenses from US credentialing authorities, such as those for physical therapy or registered nursing, significantly increases employment.

  • Display Excellent Fluency in English

Americans highly value communication skills. Provide proof of your expertise through interviews, certifications, and TOEFL results.

  • Emphasise Intercultural Competencies

Give instances of how you have cultivated relationships with various patients and coworkers.

  • Display Extended Plans for Moving

Declare in your visa application documents that you intend to move permanently to the United States of America.

  • Make Use of Staffing Agency Collaborations

Many organizations provide excellent chances by sponsoring work visas for therapists, nurses, and other professionals.

Benefits of Caregiver Sponsorships Jobs in US 

  • A clear route for immigration to the US
  • Possibility of gaining useful US job experience
  • Possibility of having an impact assisting those in need
  • Possibility of transferring to permanent residence

What to do After Securing A Caregiver Sponsorships Jobs in US 

Take these crucial actions if you receive a legitimate employment offer:

  • Check Whether the Employer Can Sponsor: Make sure they have recruited and supported talented immigrants in the past. Verify that they will manage the complete visa application process.
  • Complete the details of the job offer: Get a formal offer letter that details the position, including the start date, location, responsibilities, and pay.
  • Obtain a Visa Approval and Plan Your Move: Get the actual visa papers if granted to fulfill your American ambition! 

How to Apply for Free Visa Sponsorship in the USA to Apply for Jobs as Caregiver 

1. Understand the US Visa Procedure

Before starting the job application process, familiarize yourself with the US visa application procedure. The H-2B temporary visa for non-agricultural workers is the most widely used visa for Caregiver. The company must prove that there aren’t enough competent and willing Americans to cover the temporary post.

2. Start by doing some research

Look at websites or organizations that specialize in hiring carers as a place to start your search. A few of the websites that regularly feature employers looking for carers and occasionally sponsor visas are, AuPairCare, and GreatAuPair.

3. Make your CV or resume unique

Highlight the following on your resume:

  • Relevant experience giving first aid or CPR certifications
  • Any particular training, such as that needed to care for elderly people or children with special needs; a strong command of the English language (consider include your TOEFL or IELTS results)

4. Don’t Make Any Errors When Sponsoring a Visa

Make it clear that you need sponsorship for your visa both in your application and at the interview. It’s critical to make sure potential employers know what you anticipate from them right away.

5. Be patient and persistent.

Getting a Caregiver to work on a sponsored visa might be challenging. Don’t give up if you don’t get employed immediately. Keep applying, networking, and developing your skills.

6. Know Your Rights

If you get hired, be sure your rights are maintained. Understand the terms of your employment, the hours you work, and any other restrictions.

7. Speak with an Immigration Attorney

If your company agrees to sponsor your visa, you should consider consulting with an immigration lawyer to ensure that all of the paperwork is completed correctly and to guide you through the process.

8. Stay Updated

Stay informed about any modifications to US visa regulations. websites like the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has the most up-to-date information on immigration rules and visas.

USA Companies Hiring Caregiver 

In the US, carers can find employment opportunities with a wide range of organizations, from large corporations to smaller, neighborhood-based businesses. The following are some well-known companies and websites where people can search for jobs providing care:

  • Home Instead

One well-known provider of non-medical in-home care services for senior persons is Home Instead. It offers a variety of services, from companionship to specialised care for individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s, at locations around the United States.

2. Comfort Keepers

This is another excellent provider of in-home care. Comfort Keepers offers companionship, personal care, and specialised therapy to people with chronic medical illnesses.

3. BrightStar Care

Home care services from BrightStar, known for its high levels of care, include both medical and non-medical care. They also provide staffing services for healthcare facilities.

4. Paying a Visit to Angels

One of the most well-known in-home care providers in the US, Visiting Angels, provides a range of services, such as geriatric care, respite care, and certified palliative care.

5. Brookdale Senior Living

Over 700 retirement communities across the country are managed by Brookdale, which offers a variety of care options such as assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing.

6. Sunrise Senior Living

Sunrise offers jobs in personal care, nursing, and memory care among its many communities, all with a focus on enhancing the quality of life for elderly citizens.

7. Atria Senior Living

This company provides memory care, assisted living, and independent living services at its facilities around the United States.

Final Words

The USA has a rapidly aging population and an overburdened healthcare system, which create a strong demand for qualified carers. Sponsored visas for carer positions enable compassionate individuals from all around the world to come to the US and begin a rewarding career. 

Look for respectable healthcare facilities; they can include agencies, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. these establishments are more likely to offer benefits like health insurance and sponsorship for a visa. Look through employment boards, company websites, and personal contacts for opportunities to discover insurance-paid carer jobs and sponsorship. 

In order to differentiate your application, highlight your training, experience, and capacity for caregiving. Attempt to bargain for health insurance benefits when applying for jobs. But proceed with caution and get legal counsel from an immigration attorney. Consult an immigration attorney for guidance regarding visas, employment opportunities, application assistance, and continuous legal support. Make sure you thoroughly research and understand the employer-sponsored health insurance plan before agreeing to a job offer.

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