UK Companies with Visa Sponsorship Jobs Paying Up to £125,508 per Year

Due to its stable financial system and business-friendly atmosphere, the nation has become a hub for the biggest corporations in the world to establish offices. There is always a need for employment because there are more than 2 million actively trading enterprises in the UK, some of which are the largest in the world.

In the UK, there are two primary categories of employers in addition to smaller industries. One is the public sector, which comprises the National Health Service (NHS), HM Forces, academy schools, public businesses, agencies, non-departmental public bodies, and the federal and municipal governments. The other is employers in the private sector, which includes companies in a variety of industries, both listed and non-listed.

Some sizable organizations, whether in the public or private sectors, make a substantial contribution to the labor force in the nation. 

Best UK Companies with Visa Sponsorship Jobs

1. NHS

The United Kingdom’s publicly funded healthcare system, the National Health Service (NHS), encompasses NHS England, Scotland, Wales, and Health & Social Care in Northern Ireland. Brazil’s Sistema Único de Saúde is the largest single-payer healthcare system globally, followed by NHS England. With almost 1.5 million employees, the NHS is also the largest employer in the UK.

Because of the workforce’s demand for visas, the NHS has traditionally been one of the largest visa sponsors in the UK and has an A rating. Visa sponsorship jobs are frequently available for seasoned professionals and young graduates in the healthcare and support departments, including HR, IT, and Operations.

Surgeons, dentists, and physicians make up the medical and dental staff. Here are the average annual salaries:

  • Junior Physicians: Annual Salary: £29,384 to £58,398.
  • Experts: £88,364 to £119,133 annually.
  • General Practitioners (GPs): annual salary varies from £60,000 to £100,000 based on region and experience.
  • Recently qualified nurses make about £28,407 a year.
  • Nurses with experience: £32,306 to £39,027 annually.
  • RN consultants make between £56,164 and £65,262 annually.

2. Tesco

With its headquarters in Welwyn Garden City, England, Tesco PLC is a worldwide food and general merchandise retailer based in Britain. In terms of gross revenue, it was third globally in 2011; in terms of revenues, it was ranked ninth globally. Tesco is a well-known retail business, but it also runs Tesco Bank, Tesco Mobile, and Booker, a supply chain company.

As a network of supermarkets, Tesco employs many hourly or part-time workers to meet client demand flexibly. However, such jobs must frequently fit the criteria for sponsoring a visa. Furthermore, only a few technical and management full-time jobs at Tesco are eligible to sponsor work visas because many need to pay more or match the necessary skill requirements.

Tesco pay for different positions: 

  • Customer assistant: £11.02-12.04 per hour
  • Manager: £27.4k-42.1k per year
  • Delivery driver: £11.42-12.85 per hour
  • Warehouse operative: £11.02-15.69 per hour
  • Shift leader: £12.50-14.29 per hour
  • Stock controller: £9.55-11.46 per hour
  • Team member: £9.55-11.23 per hour
  • Dot com: £10.00-11.58 per hour
  • HGV driver: £14.78-18.56 per hour
  • Wage clerk: £9.95-12.96 per hour
  • Baker: £10.05-11.94 per hour
  • Home delivery driver: £10.77-12.43 per hour
  • Customer service: £10.75-11.92 per hour
  • Pharmacy dispenser: £10.10-12.30 per hour

3. Sainsbury’s

With a 14.9% market share, Sainsbury’s, a London-based grocery company, is the second-biggest in the UK. It manages retail brands like TU, Argos, Habitat, Nectar, and Sainsbury’s Supermarkets and Bank. J Sainsbury plc, the holding company, is a component of the FTSE 100 Index and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

As of September 2022, about 127,000 Sainsbury’s employees were paid hourly, making up almost 75% of the company’s workforce. Even though Sainsbury’s is a major employer in the UK, not all of its job openings are eligible for sponsorship. The majority of sponsorship-giving roles are in management and technology. Nonetheless, candidates without the legal right to work in the UK are rarely considered by Sainsbury’s.

Sainsbury’s pay for different positions: 

  • Trading Assistant: £23K-£25K
  • Customer Service Assistant: £19K-£22K
  • Customer Assistant: £21K-£23K
  • General Assistant: £19K-£22K
  • Online Assistant: £21K-£23K
  • Sales Assistant: £20K-£23K
  • Customer Service: £19K-£23K
  • General Assistant: £19K-£21K
  • Customer Trading Manager: £24K-£29K
  • Retail Assistant: £21K-£23K
  • Online Shopper: £19K-£23K
  • Customer and Trading Manager: £24K-£29K

4. The British Army

The British Army is in charge of defending the interests of the United Kingdom both domestically and internationally by establishing a safe and secure environment. Along with the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force, it is a component of the British Armed Forces. As of 2022, the British Army will have 28,330 volunteer reserve members, 4,090 Gurkhas, and 79,380 regular full-time members. 

The British Army does not employ foreign nationals because of the sensitive nature of its work. However, in rare circumstances, it might consider candidates from Commonwealth nations or foreigners who have resided in the UK for longer than five years for certain positions.

The British Army’s pay for different positions: 

  • Entry level officers: £15,864 to £20,793 per year
  • Lieutenants: £27,818 to £36,958 per year
  • Captains: £42,850 to £50,957 per year
  • Majors: £53,975 to £64,642 per year
  • Colonels: £75,754 to £87,716 per year

5. Work and Pensions Department

One of His Majesty’s Government departments is the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). The Agency for Work and Pensions (DWP) is the largest civil service agency in the United Kingdom. It oversees welfare, pensions, child support policies, the State Pension, and various working-age, disabled, and sick leave benefits. When it comes to personnel, it is also the second-largest department in the government. 

The Civil Service Recruitment & Nationality Rules, which stipulate that “only nationals of the United Kingdom (and British protected persons), the Republic of Ireland, and the Commonwealth, Certain EEA, Swiss, and Turkish nationals are eligible for employment,” apply to the DWP’s employment policy even though it is one of the largest employers in the UK. 

It’s crucial to remember that not all citizens of Turkey, the EEA, the Commonwealth, Ireland, or Switzerland are qualified to work in the civil service.

The Work and Pensions Department’s pay for different positions: 

  • Executive Officer: £29,609 per year
  • Coach: £30,139 per year
  • Enterprise Architect: £70,041 per year
  • Software Engineer: £56,111 per year
  • Development Operations Engineer: £49,568 per year
  • Senior Product Manager: £60,913 per year
  • Administrative Officer: £22,615 per year
  • Administrator: £22,745 per year
  • Administrative Assistant: £24,457 per year


HSBC Holdings plc is a multinational financial services holding corporation and universal bank based in Britain. With US$2.953 trillion as of December 2021, it surpassed BNP Paribas to become the largest bank in Europe in terms of total assets. 

With locations in 64 nations and territories, HSBC serves around 40 million clients across Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America. In the Forbes rankings of large firms, which consider sales, profits, assets, and market value, it was 38th in the world as of 2022. 

HSBC has been quite liberal in sponsoring visas. Due to staffing needs and its global headquarters in London, the bank typically considers foreign nationals and locals for open positions, provided that the position satisfies the home office’s visa sponsorship requirements. Whether you have years of experience or are a recent graduate, HSBC might have something that works for you.

The Work and Pensions Department’s pay for different positions: 

  • Director: £125,508 per year
  • Analyst: £44,604 per year
  • Senior Manager: £90,567 per year
  • Manager: £58,173 per year
  • Associate Director: £94,523 per year
  • Business Manager: £70,523 per year
  • Investment Banking Analyst: £61,984 per year
  • Risk Manager: £74,048 per year
  • Wealth Manager: £41,073 per year


The corporation is one of the top accounting organizations in the world and a global network of professional services providers. Although it has numerous facilities around this area, including Birmingham, Gatwick, and Cardiff, its headquarters are in Amsterdam. 

The company provides local apprenticeship opportunities and accepts applications from international individuals at all levels. At the corporation, you can pursue career paths in business services, technology and engineering, taxation, deal advisory, consulting, auditing, and consulting.

KPMG’s pay for different positions: 

  • Assistant Manager: £53,208 per year
  • Manager: £70,160 per year
  • Audit Associate: £31,549 per year
  • Auditor: £34,360 per year
  • Accountant: £37,811 per year
  • Development Operations Engineer: £56,737 per year
  • Software Engineer: £48,848 per year
  • Programmer: £29,569 per year
  • Senior Software Engineer: £60,466 per year

8. PwC, or PricewaterhouseCoopers

PwC is a British professional services brand and one of the biggest companies in the world in this industry. The firm offers clients comprehensive audit, assurance, consultancy, and tax services. It develops business excellence, technology, and coherence to guarantee that its workers provide sustained outcomes for their clients.

If you’re interested in working with PwC, you can look into business solutions, operations, risk management, auditing, accounting, or financial consulting positions. If you have experience in software engineering, computer science, or a similar profession, look into the organization’s array of tech-focused opportunities.

PwC’s pay for different positions: 

  • Tax Advisor: £61,621 per year
  • Esg Research Associate: £40,016 per year
  • Economic Consultant: £42,894 per year
  • Private Equity Associate: £87,555 per year
  • Information Design & Documentation: £35,009 per year
  • Business Analyst: £36,450 per year
  • IT Security Specialist: £51,795 per year
  • Senior Quality Assurance Analyst: £43,740 per year
  • IT Auditor: £55,700 per year
  • Data Analyst: £41,876 per year
  • Analytics Manager:£64,413 per year
  • Quantitative Analyst: £51,604 per year

9. Unilever

Unilever is a British manufacturer and distributor of consumer goods. The company creates goods in several essential categories: wellness, home care, personal care, nutrition, and beauty. By implementing sustainable practices, Unilever hopes to improve both the environment and human civilization. 

If you have training in food science, manufacturing, data quality, food and product safety, or business analysis, a job at Unilever might be a good fit. By working for this company, you may join a workforce of over 120,000 individuals committed to improving the world.

Unilever’s pay for different positions: 

  • Brand Manager: £42,968 per year
  • Director of Marketing: £90,092 per year
  • Senior Brand Manager: £65,086 per year
  • Communications Manager: £50,609 per year
  • E-commerce Manager: £54,692 per year
  • Assistant Manager: £43,564 per year
  • Director: £102,448 per year
  • Manager: £58,131 per year
  • Finance Manager: £66,906 per year
  • Financial Analyst: £42,814 per year

10. Ernst & Young (EY)

Based in London, EY is a multinational professional services firm. It offers services to customers in areas like transactions, assurance, tax, and consultancy. 

The organization is global in scope, with offices in Belgium, Poland, Spain, and Germany, among other nations. Acquiring a membership could lead to appealing employment and migration prospects. 

If you’re considering working at EY, consider a job in technology, accounting, consulting, strategy development, or business services.

EY’s pay for different positions: 

  • Manager: £70,598 per year
  • Senior Consultant: £51,784 per year
  • Senior Manager: £96,530 per year
  • Consultant: £36,488 per year
  • Assistant Manager: £53,371 per year
  • Audit Associate: £33,803 per year
  • Auditor: £37,529 per year
  • Accountant: £38,076 per year
  • Quality Assurance Analyst: £34,587 per year
  • Senior Quality Assurance Analyst: £42,978 per year
  • Business Analyst: £34,401 per year
  • Senior Data Analyst: £49,255 per year
  • IT Security Specialist: £47,842 per year
  • Economic Analyst: £40,606 per year
  • Analytics Manager: £70,476 per year
  • IT Auditor: £61,898 per year

Final Words

Many businesses are happy to welcome competent workers from all over the world, whether they are found in the busy hallways of the National Health Service (NHS), the aisles of retail behemoths like Tesco and Sainsbury’s, or even the financial sectors with HSBC and KPMG.

Being the biggest employer in the UK, the NHS provides excellent salary and benefits for a wide range of visa sponsorship positions, especially in the healthcare industry. Similar to this, major retailers such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s offer job opportunities in a variety of sectors; however, eligibility for visa sponsorship may be restricted to specific technical or managerial roles.

The British Army is a bright spot for people looking to work in defense, while the Work and Pensions Department offers jobs ranging from administrative to software engineering for those interested in public service.

Organizations in the financial sector, such as HSBC, PwC, and Ernst & Young (EY), reach out to bright people all over the world by providing lucrative compensation packages for roles in technology, consulting, and finance.

Visa sponsorship is not only required by law but also reflects each of these businesses’ dedication to diversity, innovation, and excellence. As a result, they offer opportunities for people to follow their career goals, give back to their communities, and establish successful careers in the UK. The UK offers plenty of opportunities for everybody, regardless of their field of expertise—healthcare, retail, technology, or finance.

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